Here’s a smattering of images from the last couple years, posted for no other reason than to show you that I’m not dead - I’ve just been prioritizing creating over sharing.

Cortnie & Zach

The perfect evening sun plus a beautiful laid back couple and a fantastically diverse location is everything I want in an engagement session ever. If I could do projects like this all day every day I’d never work a day in my life! Thank you Cortnie & Zach for being my Subject Soul Mates™.

Annie & Jeff

I’m so pumped to share this winter engagement session! Annie & Jeff really wanted to shoot in the snow so we waited for that perfect mix of tolerable temperature and recent snowfall (not an easy combo to come by in Ohio!) I had no idea that the waterfall at Charleston Falls would be frozen over and was I practically jumping up and down with excitement when I saw it! It’s hard to believe that in all my years living in Tipp I never went to Charleston Falls in the winter, but now that I’ve seen how cool the frozen waterfall is I’m going to make it a point to check it out annually.

Best of 2015

What a wild year it’s been. There was a particularly “exciting” span of about 30 days where I shot six weddings, sold my house, packed up everything and moved, and then had a baby. If I didn’t have the photo evidence to prove it I’d be inclined to believe that entire stretch of time was just a dream. But here I am in 2016, still alive and looking back at year’s worth of images. The best part of going back through everything is finding those candid gems – those real moments of pure joy and happiness – and reliving them again. It’s amazing how an old photo can bring on a fresh smile. Creating this renewable resource of joy and nostalgia is such a rewarding experience. Thank you, every one of you, for letting me in and letting me make these memories with you.