About Me


Can I get real with you?

This is where I’m supposed weave a glorious tapestry of marketing buzzwords so I can charge you more money, but that’s just not me. I don’t do this for the paycheck and I definitely don’t do it for the popularity. I have like 92 followers and I’m pretty sure I lose one every time I post another picture of my kids.

I love photography because … okay you know how in The Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi makes Daniel-san do all these seemingly random tasks, but he’s actually teaching him useful karate skills? That’s how I feel when I pick up a camera – like I’ve been secretly training my whole life for it. All the random skills I’ve accumulated over the years combine to form a Voltron of Photography Prowess!

That and I love nostalgia. It’s what drives me when I’m shooting and editing. I endeavor to capture moments that you’ll look at years from now and be instantly transported back to the good old days. I want to create candid and iconic images that will become part of your family’s legacy.

So let’s recap:

  1. I’m not hip or trendy
  2. I was born for this (sometime in the early ‘80s, as evidenced by my choice of pop culture references)
  3. I love nostalgia

But most of all, I’m just here to have a real experience with you. I want you to feel and know that you can be yourself around me, and I hope I can be myself around you.

So let’s hang out. Let’s get weird.

Let's Get Real