On Weddings and Love


Hi! I’m Zac, and I’m a 33-year-old dude dad who loves weddings.

Is that weird? I feel like that's kind of weird. I should explain.

What I actually love is giving a good gift, and for whatever crazy cosmic reason the gift that I am best equipped to give is the timeless and artful preservation of your most treasured memories (also known as "photographs")

Shooting weddings gives me the opportunity to give a great gift over and over again, every year.

And it’s not just the photographs that I’m pumped about. I truly enjoy every aspect of the service. There are so many awesome ways that I get to serve you on your wedding day. I get to bring the calm when the day gets chaotic. I get to bring the energy and positivity when things don’t go as planned. I'll deliver a terrible perfect pun to break an awkward silence, and I will literally figuratively body-slam anyone who tries to get in the way of your perfect day.

Whether I’m shooting silently from the shadows or all up in your business, I’m always looking for that moment to capture for you. I want to wow you. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you cry. I want to give you something special.

That’s why I love weddings.


On Family and Life


As much as I love weddings, I think I love kids even more (shhh, don't tell Weddings!)

If you thought your wedding day went by fast, just wait until you have kids and your whole freaking life starts flying by at the speed of light. Children are a magnifying glass for all the joy and chaos of life. The challenge of capturing them in all their madness and unpredictability is one of my favorite things. Any parent knows that a great picture of your kid is worth more than almost anything.

Because they’re never going to be this young again.

You’re never going to be this young again.

Let me capture your life as it is right now. All you have to do is show up and let the kids be themselves. They’re not going to look or listen or smile on command, but give me a little time to work some magic and I promise you we’ll capture something that you’ll cherish forever.